The Spiritual Alchemist by Natalie Reid


Natalie offers The Spiritual Alchemist workshop—as well as five other transformational workshops—in North America and Europe. She is now scheduling her transformational workshops primarily upon request. These workshops often take place in private homes, places of worship, institutions of higher learning, centers for the arts, etc.

If you wish to arrange for Natalie to give a workshop in your area, please visit the Contact page and email Natalie the particulars of your request. She will explain how the process works, including that whoever arranges all the logistics can take the workshop(s) for free.

Natalie’s Transformational Workshops:

The Spiritual Alchemist: Working with the Voice of Your Soul

From Falsehood to Freedom: Writing Our Way Out of the Masks We Wear

Writing in the Mythological Voice: Elevating the Mundane Into Myth

Firing the Sacred Furnace: Writing from the Center of Your Fears

Don’t Waste Your Crisis: Reaching for Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Writing in the Inspired Voice

Praise for Natalie Reid’s Workshops

I came away with a clear roadmap for the next section of my life.Judith P., Duanesburg, NY

The workshop with Natalie assured me that I am connected with the universe and doing what I am supposed to be doing, wherever the opportunity presents itself.Carol P., Burtonsville, MD

Your workshop offers a unique and innovative approach to divine expression.Michael D., Eugene, OR

Natalie Reid is an architect of rooms of the mind.Linda H., Columbus, OH

I loved the exercises because they bypassed our head. They simply led us into our own inner world and the stories that live there—not fictional stories. True stories. The stories that guide us and shape our lives. Thank you for that gift.Marian G., Boston, MA

Natalie’s work is wonderfully playful and powerfully supportive of where I am in my own creative and spiritual process. Her mystical voice, wedded with very practical tools and unusual techniques, helped shift my view of my life ‘as is’ and the possibilities for change.Yael F., Washington, DC

The exercises in your workshops are powerful, as they bring up a lot of hidden or unconscious material. Your gentle way of helping people to cope with what they have uncovered is what makes you special. From the beginning, when you spoke about the work involved, the sincerity and dedication to that unfolding that was in your voice appealed to many, including me. The work begun with you was a further unfolding of the soulfulness to which I aspire.Claudette W., Bayside, NY

The workshop spoke to a part of me that hadn’t been ‘fed’ in a long time.Joann G., Alexandria, VA

I now see that what people do with the results of what they write in your workshop is that every word, every single syllable, is potentially (and literally) the key to their life.Rasma H., Madison, WI

Natalie Reid’s new workshop offers an immensely safe space. In addition to the brilliant information she provides and the journey experiences she creates for her voyagers, one of the things that makes it so powerful and effective is Natalie’s overall emphasis on the participants’ well being.Paula M., Oradell, NJ

You created a very safe non-judgmental atmosphere, which was very important and very liberating.Monica B., London, UK

Natalie Reid is a wise woman who helps others look inside and find the riches within. She creates a supportive environment where you can face the darkness and walk through it secure that you will get to the other side. She helps bring you to a greater understanding of who you are and what you need to flourish. She brings a wealth of knowledge that she balances with a deep regard for the spirit and heart of all living things.Leslie N., Niskayuna, NY

Natalie is the best at nourishing and nurturing tools to draw out spirit-centered writing. She takes you into your own inner, mythic realms, to infinitely access and create from.Jen K., Santa Fe, NM

Natalie Reid is the Alchemist of Soul-chitecture. Her powerful workshop led me on a heroine’s journey through the many rooms of my own soul. Natalie gently opened all the doors and gave me the courage and strength to cross thresholds, and to begin the awesome process of honoring each room’s intention.Anne S., Kerrville, TX

It was as if all my previous work had been to empty myself of everything that wasn’t real, so that I could come to this workshop and be totally filled with what is real and true about myself.Ann G., Tiburon, CA

Thanks again for being such an open and nurturing guide during the workshop. The way you live your life fuels me with the courage to evolve more boldly!Stacey M., Queensbury, NY