The Spiritual Alchemist by Natalie Reid

All seekers are spiritual alchemists in the making.

The Spiritual Alchemist introduces you to the practice of spiritual alchemy, a transformational path that allows you to hear the unique voice of your soul—your purest source of wisdom, creativity, and inspiration. It is the voice that can reveal your true purpose for this lifetime, and help you navigate and overcome all obstacles to your emotional and spiritual growth.

Through ten engaging exercises, you learn to create and work in a profoundly life-changing inner “laboratory” that transforms habitual ways of perceiving time, self, and the world. What you learn will ultimately help you set your life’s compass—as the ancients did—by your soul’s intent.

Author Natalie Reid, a practicing spiritual alchemist, conducts workshops in spiritual alchemy and other transformational processes throughout the U.S. and Europe. Taken straight from her powerful workshop on spiritual alchemy, this remarkable book gives you much more than the discoveries and insights of workshop participants. It also gives you a clear set of hands-on techniques for becoming a spiritual alchemist in your own life.

But what, you may ask, is a spiritual alchemist? And how do I, as the author, define a soul? Above all, how can a simple set of exercises, as opposed to a lifetime of dedicated meditation or years of therapy, lead to the profound insights that I suggest?

While the book itself answers all these questions, you can find a discussion about them in Book.

I invite you into this website, to learn what The Spiritual Alchemist (with an accompanying CD) has to offer and whether spiritual alchemy is a path you wish to take. If the path excites you, may the book offer you the tools you need, and may you walk the path in grace and joy.

In this luminous book, Natalie Reid provides the clearest explanations of the nature of the soul (“the part of you that is part of the divine”) and the means of shaping our inner lives through spiritual alchemy—self-transformation. Her quest takes her into the deepest realms of our being, and illuminates spiritual mysteries with unprecedented clarity. Those who find their way to this book should consider themselves extremely fortunate.

author of Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism

Natalie Reid is a very gifted and learned person.

The Right Reverend JOHN BRYSON CHANE,
Episcopal Bishop of Washington

Profoundly alchemistic, divinely guided and superbly crafted, Natalie’s writing blesses us with a shining path of spirit and substance that lights the way to languages of the soul.

author of Soul Between the Lines