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Natalie Reid Steeped in the Jewish mystical tradition, Natalie Reid (M.A.) for over 20 years has conducted transformational workshops centered on the confluence of creativity, self-awareness, and spirituality. In addition to The Spiritual Alchemist, these workshops include Writing in the Mythological Voice: Elevating the Mundane into Myth and From Falsehood to Freedom: Writing Our Way out of the Masks We Wear. Natalie has developed a unique method for using the writing of fiction to heal from a crisis in faith. From 1998–2011 she was a workshop director at the annual weeklong conference of the International Women’s Writing Guild.

Natalie has been writing since she was six and took delight in words. She is the author of four books published in Tokyo on American English language and culture. Her short fiction, articles, and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Natural Bridge and 13th Moon. Her novel-in-progress investigates the power of dream to alter a woman’s relationship with time and space.

Natalie also designs workshops in English language skills for a multinational clientele that has included the Smithsonian Institution and the Peace Corps. She edits books and consults on papers for European scholars in the field of social research and social policy. She also presents at international conferences and lectures at the University of California, Berkeley. When not on the road giving workshops, she enjoys writing and living in New Mexico.

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